About Mahta baby Company

Mahta Bibi Manufacturing Company with a wealth of ideas, designs and practices, along with long-term and thoughtful goals with over a quarter of a century of brilliant experience and experience as one of the pioneers of the Iranian garment industry in the production and distribution of children’s clothing for 2-5 years. And it is proud that through many years of thought, effort, experience, and thoughtful planning steps have been able to utilize the world’s advanced knowledge and technology and the most sophisticated equipment and machinery in the apparel industry and train qualified personnel and benefit from Empowered and committed staff in the shadow of the constant support of the honorable fellow citizens, not only in design, modeling, and Iodine, which, in both sales and after-sales services, adds to the glory and brilliance of domestic production while helping to grow the garment industry in our beloved country of Iran, expanding its activities to world-class standards so that its citizens can buy goods. Similar foreign needless returns.

And now Mahabibi with senior executives with over a quarter of a century of experience in the field of infant development and making the necessary arrangements while implementing development programs, highly differentiated products and competing with the world’s top brands, with premium 2% cotton raw materials, design Modern and different packaging according to the required standards and quality control of manufactured products together with proper service to its customers, has made its products more advanced.

The variety of products and up-to-date products of Mahtabibi Company along with utilizing scientific management and planning and paying attention to the world-wide methods to meet the needs of the children society is one of the important features of this company.